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Shift From Traditional to Flexible: Harsh Binani

Much has been talked about the changes that are pandemic driven, from our lifestyle changes to the way we work to the very bottom of the way we live. These changes were inevitable and slowly but steadily persuaded everyone to adapt. Adapting to the changes of the new normal, workplace culture shifted from traditional to flexible.

Harsh Binani, the co-founder of India’s largest managed workspace platform, Smartworks, shares that it is time to make workspaces Flexi-able for the employees. He believes that the workforce coming back to the offices are joining with a different set of expectations and needs. They are looking forward to coming back to a flexible workspace that enables them to work from the comfort of their safety, a dedicated environment for their tasks, and present them with ample opportunities to connect.

Employee Driven Workspaces  

Traditional workspaces are broadly identified by cramped cubicles, dull colors, and a copy-pasted look and feel in every office. Harsh Binani has been invested in creating workspaces that bring out creativity and a zeal to work in people. It is a no-brainer that beautiful workplaces elevate employees’ moods, resulting in a more productive workspace and a positive work culture.

The trends are shifting from traditional to flexible, not just in terms of how offices look but also in how they function. Workspaces of today are focused on creating an office experience for their employees by incorporating entertainment zones, sleeping pods, gaming zones, and tech-enabled services for a seamless and safe day at the office.

Social Workplace  

Harch Binani believes that collaboration, learning, and a need to belong to a community and connect with others are now bigger than ever, especially for the new generation of the workforce. The increasing isolation during pandemics and work-from-home has necessitated the need for the workplace to act as a centre that encourages an interchange of ideas and fosters creativity via learning, connecting with people from different walks of life. Flexible workspaces encourage the possibility for such people to interact and network with professionals, either in person or through virtual initiatives.  

Flexibility, health, and well-being of the employees are crucial components of company continuity today. Flexible workplaces transform traditional office space into a more dynamic cultural hub that aids organisations in achieving these objectives in a cost-effective, efficient, and hassle-free manner. 

Harsh Binani is driven to create workspaces that make people want to come to the office. Workspaces that are flexible and productive, employee-focused as well as serve the organisation’s purpose. 

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