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What Do Companies Look for in Office Space?

The corporate environment in India is changing drastically. The nation has become Asia’s next big thing as a result of a booming economy, flourishing companies, and a recent inflow of top talent from across the world. What you choose when looking for office space is crucial to the success of your company. It has an impact on daily operations, employee morale, and even your brand’s reputation. There are so many factors that might influence the workplace you select.

Harsh Binani the co-founder of India’s largest Managed Workspace Platform, Smartworks believes that there are many changes coming in the demands of the occupiers with the changing needs of the employees. Perfect office space can be a lot of things for different enterprises and work cultures. But there are some things that no one can miss, as Harsh Binani shares what companies look for in office space, that makes the decision perfect and seamless.

Office Space - Harsh Binani

Choosing the Right Location

The location of your workplace should be taken into account. It should be convenient for both customers and staff, as well as close to any necessary transportation choices. You should conduct research on which areas are preferred by clients similar to yours as well as where your employees live and work since your business will be more successful if it is situated in an area that is simple for people to discover and reach.   


The most essential consideration for most firms when selecting a new office is undoubtedly price. If you don’t spend enough, you’ll either have an unsatisfactory workplace or you could have to move out after a few months. If you overspend, you can find it difficult to pay the rent or wind up having to downsize and relocate again. Both of those situations are not ideal. Harsh Binani advises that it is crucial to make sure that you have already seen the change through in terms of your budget. It is very important to see the whole deal through and know about any hidden charges like parking, maintenance or any other cost.  


It goes without saying that location and cost will have an impact on the size of the business space you select, but it’s still vital to note. It is often advised to have 70 square feet per person as a very basic rule. However, you are the expert in your industry. Increase this number as necessary, for example, if your staff want larger desks or more storage. The problem of meeting and rest areas is another. Your co-workers need a place to have lunch, and you need a place to meet with clients.   

On the changing demands of office spaces, Harsh Binani shares that it is crucial for enterprises to go for space providers who can help them create engaging spaces, designed to the need of every employee. When it comes to office spaces there is no one size fits but there are always some basics everyone should go through to make sure that they are stepping into an office space that is absolutely right for them.   

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