Harsh Binani- Co-founder, Advisor & Strategist  

Harsh Binani is the co-founder of the largest managed workspace provider Smartworks

Harsh Binani is the driving force behind Smartworks’ reinvention and expansion. Harsh is regarded as a dynamic leader who possesses tenacity and exceptional leadership abilities. Harsh Binani is a co-founder of Smartworks and the Director of TalbotForce, a prop-tech and Integrated Facility Management Services firm with 20 million square feet of space distributed over 20 locations. Harsh is also helping to build Smartworks’ tech arm, which will give businesses with workplace tech solutions that will make operations more seamless and secure. 

Prior to joining Smartworks in 2017, Harsh has a powerful 7-year background in management consulting and real estate, having previously worked for McKinsey in Chicago, the world’s leading consulting business. He worked at McKinsey for five years, focusing on strategy and operations in healthcare, infrastructure, and insurance. He has also worked as a Chief of Staff at Medanta Medicity, where he oversaw the CEO’s important strategic projects. 

Harsh Binani is a major figure at Smartworks, where he is responsible for developing the company’s financial strategy as well as driving product development, customer experience, technology, and marketing. He is committed to creating a great culture at Smartworks. Apart from playing a major role in Smartworks, Harsh also contributes towards the management and expansion of TalbotForce.  

“Every day in the life of an entrepreneur is either success or a lesson. Never a failure. Keep learning and moving forward.”

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