Scaling Your Business with the Latest Market Trends

Scaling Your Business with the Latest Market Trends

Harsh Binani, co-founder of Smartworks has redefined the Indian office experience by Indianizing the global co-workspace model. The managed office space business model, enables enterprises to create flexible, tech-enabled, service-managed, affordable workspaces. The future of office 2024 is made with the vision of implementing a perfect environment to allow enterprises to focus on their core work. A managed office space provider takes care of design and amenities to keep employees happy and productive. 

Smartworks Post COVID Growth

COVID differentiated big boys from the rest because the pandemic tested resilience. Post-COVID, the workplace dynamics changed with a focus on user experience. As a result, flexible workspaces were preferred compared to traditional and quite dull office spaces. Smartworks is at the forefront of changing office design for global enterprises to offer high-end amenities without the management burden. 550+ large enterprises and Forbes 2000 companies are within Smartworks’ household.

Harsh Binani prioritized profitability principles while scaling up the operations. Instead of focusing on rapidly expanding resources, smartworks refocused on managing existing resources efficiently to derive additional value from them. To enable enterprises to offer unique employee experiences and satisfaction, Smartworks leases large campuses and amenities the space to create tech-enabled and adaptable workstations with phygital shopping experiences using a mobile application.

Smartworks invested in tech platforms to grow faster. Keeping technology at its core, any Smartworks user can use their mobile app to engage with the larger campus ecosystem.  Harsh Binani commented that they pioneered B2B on-boarding in India because they expected growth in that sector. The phygital platform provides access to premium products and services that enhance productivity for enterprises.

About 50% of Smartworks’ revenue share comes from the IT/ITeS sector. Smartworks leveraged contactless services to enable a digitally powered ecosystem in prime locations with world-class infrastructure to expand flex space offerings to multiple industries that now correspond to 40% of the revenue.

Smartworks increased its business scalability with three largest campuses in the world and increasing product offering with cutting edge technology. The unique one-stop solution across India with world-class amenities is offered in the campus style format to cater to the diverse needs of urban business spaces. 

Technology Integration in Office Design

Harsh acknowledged that Smartworks follows technology trends and steps in to fill the gap in the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) sector.  From the beginning, they have taken a 360-degree approach to implementing a tech layer consisting of IoT-based hardware and software to convert every office desk into a smart desk.

Smartworks are always at the forefront of technological innovation. They introduced the world’s first AI-powered robot MITRI in the Hyderabad facility to take care of cleaning and visitor management. The current offering expands to Prop-tech services, which empowers other companies to take care of the needs of all stakeholders.

You need happy and engaged employees throughout. It is essential to create an attractive ambience for anyone to start working. The next decade is poised for India’s growth with the startup ecosystem. Enterprises need managed office space partners to elevate branding efforts, create adaptable office space, focus on holistic employee wellbeing, and enhance workplace experiences.

Flexibility and Versatility at the Workplace

Enterprises large and small are increasingly adopting flex spaces due to several factors apart from cost-savings. Harsh says that this option gives them the flexibility to scale up or down as needed, supporting dynamic resource planning. Additionally, they can ensure availability of inspirational amenities such as amphitheatres, convenience stores, gyms, crèches, sports arenas, recreational zones, etc, in line with workforce needs.

The short-term lease further drives the adoption, resulting in new opportunities for enterprises to manage their cash flow while offering excellent workplace experiences. Whether you’re a growing startup or an established company, Smartworks offers the perfect workspace solution. Our customizable offices adapt to your changing needs, allowing you to scale seamlessly. Choose from private offices, dedicated desks, or open-plan layouts, and enjoy convenient lease terms.

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