How Smartworks Became Leader in Co-working Space Industry in India

A lot of things determine success in the business world and there is no set strategy for business success, however, there are a few sets of tips and tricks that come in handy when you decide to start your own business.  Your own definition of success can revolve around boosting sales, expanding your business by adding a new location, or just hiring more people so you can shift your attention and resources to other areas. Applying some tried and tested tactics is the first step in learning how to manage a profitable business.


Smartworks, the largest managed workspace provider in India, was co-founded by Harsh Binani. Harsh has been crucial in reimagining workplaces in India and implementing the most cutting-edge modifications to ensure that workspaces offered by Smartworks are prepared for any shift and are one step closer to futuristic workspaces.

Here are some of the crucial decisions by Smartworks that played a key role in the success of Smartworks and making them India’s largest today in the shared space office space market. 

Harsh Binani

Believing in the Vision  

Business ideas do not come to you every day and when they do it is extremely important to stick to the idea and create a vision that can align with your idea. Harsh Binani shares that when they started Smartworks the initial stage was all about setting a name in the market with a lot of market players running in the shared office space market with the same offerings. However, Smartworks had the vision to change the office space market in India and create an office experience for their members that will make employees want to come to the office and not just have to come.   

Harsh Binani believed in the vision of Smartworks and the fact that what they have to offer will change the way office spaces work in India. After going back and forth to come up with the right strategy to make businesses believe in a changed course of working, Smartworks finally landed their major client and that was just the beginning of a long road of continued success.  

Thinking Outside the Box

Although ideas do not come easy to anyone we take the pick from our ideas after looking at the market and community. Harsh Binani shares that Smartworks in its initial days was all about co-working and creating spaces that can work out well for the handful of clients they have.

But it did not take them long to realise that they are in the same boat as every other shared office space provider. That is when they decided to take the leap of faith and came up with the concept of Managed office space. An office space that will pave the way for an enriched and holistic office experience for the employees and members. 

One trick that worked the best as shared by Harsh Binani was the fact that they decided to take the road less travelled by introducing Managed office spaces on a huge level to the big enterprises who were very comfortable in the traditional work setting.

How will your business success depend on a lot of factors ranging from the idea you have, the problem statement that you are solving for the market, how you are presenting your brand and most importantly a plan that can help you keep going as the market shifts.  

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