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5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Office Space Post Covid

Harsh Binani is the co-founder of the largest Managed workspace provider in India. Harsh joined Smartworks in 2017 after gaining multi-dimensional experience overseas which also gave him a closer look into the work culture abroad. The culture outside the borders of India was more employee-focused which resulted in higher employee engagement, productivity, and retainment. In contrary to this Indian work habits were more driven with the traditional approaches.

With a mind to change the workspaces in India and to create the workspaces of the Future Harsh Binani came on board alongside the Founder of Smartworks, Mr. Neetish Sarda. After investing in the workspaces, including intensive researchers and back and forth between the work models, Harsh Binani believes that instead of just going with the leading names it is always important to mark a few important pointers off your checklist, especially for the post-COVID approaches.

  • Work-life Balance
    Employees that are coming back from the touchdown of almost 2 years of work from home are expecting something different from their employers that can improve their work-life balance. Harsh Binani suggests that it is of key importance that the workplace that you are going to support your needs such as creating a biophilic workspace to give a holistic environment for employees to work in or to build workspaces that compliment every type of working needs.

  • Flexibility
    Harsh Binani believes that the business world is constantly changing and to keep up with those changing enterprises cannot be tied to long leases and stuck chunks of money. Therefore, while finding your new workspace it is crucial to know that the enterprises must have the freedom to scale up or down as per the market shift and the new changes coming every day. Workplaces are going through a transition that will pave way for business expansion and it will be up to enterprises how they are planning to distribute their workforce.

  • Collaborative Zones
    Harsh Binani believes that employees need a break from work between working hours as well. Doing the same work day in and day out can burn the creative oils faster than expected. These collaborative zones work as a booster for the employees and help them get a fresh mind and work with more productivity and creatively.

  • Cost-Saving
    Running a business is not everyone’s cup of tea. Harsh Binani believes that the daily function of any business on any given day should be to focus on their core operations, but the daily focus on the Maintenance takes away a lot of time. Managed Workspaces take care of the daily its and bits of the Maintenance taking away the extra cost to hire personnel for management and the time that gives enterprises a clear mind to focus more on core operations.

  • Tech-enabled
    Seamless and Safe! Tech-enabled workspaces pave way for much more options than traditional approaches can. Harsh Binani believes that India has already entered the Future of Workspaces and tech-enabled is another stone in the global transition. While selecting your new workspace it is important for enterprises to make sure that the space is tech-enabled enabling a seamless and safe daily experience for the employees.