Harsh Binani Talks About Emerging Trends and Innovation in Office Space Industry

The work industry has changed at a much faster pace than anticipated by anyone else. It is the time when things are changing not just the way we work but also the way we collaborate and communicate with each other.

In the post-pandemic era, it was anticipated that employees would come back to offices with a whole different set of challenges but employees brought with them a new set of needs as well. They want to work differently, they need more than just money from their workspace, they are also looking for balance and growth and to enable enterprises to turn towards managed workspace platforms.

Shift From Traditional to Flexible: Harsh Binani

Much has been talked about the changes that are pandemic driven, from our lifestyle changes to the way we work to the very bottom of the way we live. These changes were inevitable and slowly but steadily persuaded everyone to adapt. Adapting to the changes of the new normal, workplace culture shifted from traditional to flexible.

Harsh Binani, the co-founder of India’s largest managed workspace platform, Smartworks, shares that it is time to make workspaces Flexi-able for the employees. He believes that the workforce coming back to the offices are joining with a different set of expectations and needs. They are looking forward to coming back to a flexible workspace that enables them to work from the comfort of their safety, a dedicated environment for their tasks, and present them with ample opportunities to connect.

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Office Space Post Covid

Harsh Binani is the co-founder of the largest Managed workspace provider in India. Harsh joined Smartworks in 2017 after gaining multi-dimensional experience overseas which also gave him a closer look into the work culture abroad. The culture outside the borders of India was more employee-focused which resulted in higher employee engagement, productivity, and retainment. In contrary to this Indian work habits were more driven with the traditional approaches.

With a mind to change the workspaces in India and to create the workspaces of the Future Harsh Binani came on board alongside the Founder of Smartworks, Mr. Neetish Sarda. After investing in the workspaces, including intensive researchers and back and forth between the work models, Harsh Binani believes that instead of just going with the leading names it is always important to mark a few important pointers off your checklist, especially for the post-COVID approaches.